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Tue, Nov 29, 2016

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I’m an Electrical Engineer by training. I’ve since held a variety of roles from large enterprise and venture backed startups to early stage companies. I’ve been lucky to have worked in and travelled to over 30 countries.

I actively code as a hobby, but my expertise is primarily in TMT and SaaS - Product & “full stack” Business Operations.

My career started out in the telco space, gaining experience working from both the vendor and operator perspectives - with a lot of field engineering thrown in at the start. From there, I branched out to run my own startups, initially an ASP and then a mobile app company, both in the UK.

On my return to Canada, I took a position working for Clio, a Bessemer backed SaaS legal tech company as their director of International Expansion - which frequently brought me back to Europe several times, but this time I was domiciled where I was born. Since then I’ve been consulting with companies in a product and business operations capacity from an international perspective.

I’m heavily biased towards modern SaaS tools and help in both selection, configuration of them. I then establish the workflow processes to get the most benefit.

In previous roles, and depending on the size of the organization I have been the CEO, COO, to a business operations specialist or general manager. Those terms best encapsulate the hats I wear in a given role:

  • Product Management (Working with, engaging and adapting products for international markets). With regards to International marketing print initiatives, I love explaining the A-Series of paper formats.
  • International Expansion - Greenfield operations for companies seeking to expand, taking into account legal, tax, regulatory, business development and marketing aspects. I work with governmental inward investment teams and academic institutions to help companies take advantage of in country resources effectively.
  • International Business Development - Closely tied with the above, but specifically about driving new business and engagement models from strategy and partnership programs, to internationally tailored marketing outreach.
  • Program (‘Programme’ in the UK) and Project Management
  • Business Operations - Typically for smaller companies, helping you start your business properly - from HR and accounting to overall governance. I pride myself on using best of breed SaaS tools.

While I’m very proud of my generalist skill set, it fails the resume test horribly as we tend to look for domain and functional specialists, so you need to be able to tailor your content appropriately and demonstrate depth of expertise in a give area.

As such, my latest hobby project is - a free service to help you build custom CV’s and track your achievements over time. I built this to scratch my own itch as much as anything.

Get in touch with me using the chat widget below.

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