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Mon, Jan 1, 0001


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply for the position of Director, International Representation.

A bit about me: I was born in Toronto and studied Engineering at Carleton University in Ottawa. Since graduating I’ve spent the majority of my career abroad, having returned to Canada about 4 years ago to be Clio’s Director of International Expansion. (Clio is based in Vancouver.)

While my main accomplishments are detailed in my resume, I did want to highlight the following as they pertain to this role:

  • I have managed global distributed teams worldwide. My last role at Clio was specifically international business development and expansion. I created and secured approval from their board for the international go to market approach. A particularly proud moment was when I signed the United Nations HCR Division as a customer. We opened the European office in Dublin in concert with the Irish Prime Ministers office within 6 months.

  • Beyond business development, I have also managed large programs with budgets in excess of $100m as the Program Director for Tiscali UK. This was a large broadband program. I was hired by the CEO and managed a team of service delivery managers overseeing all activities across plan, build, engineering, customer service and industry engagement.

I maintain an extensive international network which I can fully leverage for the benefit of Ontarios’s TIO network.

I have blue chip, ventured backed early stage and startup experience so I can engage effectively with companies at any stage of their development.

I also enclose the following 2 references:

  1. Boris Wertz (Investor, Partner; Introduced me to Clio)
  2. Graham Norton-Standen (Mentor, Advisor) Previously CEO of Gartner International)

I would love the chance to apply the network and the skills I have learned abroad in service of Canada.

Best Regards,


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